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tv   NBC 10 News at 10am  NBC  October 19, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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the results are in for the dallas worker who was being monitored for ebola on that cruise ship that finally docked just a few hours ago. we'll update you in just a few moments. a new law is changing how philadelphia police handle people caught with marijuana. why some cases mean no arrest or criminal record. if you have plans to be outside today, bundle up. here is a live look at the center city skyline. the sun is trying to peek through. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's 10:00 on this sunday. meteorologist michelle grossman is with us this morning. michelle, good to have you. and those clouds will eventually clear, right? >> yeah, we're slowly getting them out of here. we have mostly cloudy skies. we'll have mostly sunny skies as we head throughout the afternoon. it will take a couple hours, but we are cool, windy, but we're
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looking pretty. there's a live look outside right along boathouse row. 51 in philadelphia. cool to the north and west. even cold in mt. pocono, just 37. 48 in lancaster. 54 in wildwood. there are those winds. 38 miles per hour, wind gusts in mt. pocono up to 28 in philadelphia. a 33-mile-per-hour wind gust in dover. it's going to be windy and cool. that wind will go right through you. it's going to be chilly and we'll be cold overnight. in the meantime, we're looking at a sunny day. by lunchtime, 53 at 3:00. 56 and 6:00, 55. temperatures not going very far and bottoming out tonight. more about that coming up. new this morning, a person is in the hospital after being hit by a car in burlington county. this happened at route 130 and chester avenue just after 6:30 this morning. the driver of the car did stay at the scene. there's no word on any charges. and we are working to find out the victim's condition.
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new from overnight, police are investigating a shooting in the parkside neighborhood. a man was shot around 1:00 this morning. he later died at the hospital. there are no arrests in this case. also new from overnight, investigators are looking for the cause of a row home fire that sent five people to the hospital. nbc 10 was on this scene at 7th street and nedro. shortly after the blaze broke out around 2:15 in morning. crews had it under control within half an hour. the three adults and two children who went to the hospital are being checked for smoke inhalation. the american red cross will provide them with whohousing wh they recover. now to the latest on concerns over ebola. within the last few moments, we've learned that the u.s. coast guard says that a dallas health care worker who was on a cruise ship being monitored for the ebola virus is not infected.
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the carnival cruise ship returned to port in galveston, texas, right around 6:00 this morning. carnival confirms that the worker disembarked and is now on her way home. here are more developments in all of this. by tomorrow morning, everybody on a federal monitoring list who is not showing symptoms will be declared ebola free. in ohio, more than 100 people who were visited by dallas nurse amber vinson, they are now being monitored. canada says it will begin shipping experimental ebola vaccines to the world health organization starting tomorrow. meanwhile, health officials are tracing procedures that may reveal how the two nurses at the dallas hospital contracted the ebola virus. nina pham and amber vinson worked in close proximity with thomas duncan. he died of ebola. it wasn't until his diagnosis was confirmed that there was any mention of hospital workers wearing hazmat suits. that includes pham but not vinson. dr. roberson trains nurses on how to wear the protective gear.
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>> we need better guidelines. the only way the nurse can be properly educated and trained is if the administers and the trainers do have the proper guidelines of what to say, what to do. >> both of the infected nurses are now being treated at medical centers outside of dallas. the cdc is expected to issue new guidelines to protect health care workers nationwide. here at home, an ebola prayer service is scheduled for a little bit later today in delaware county. it's being organized by a coalition of community and religious groups with ties to west africa. the service will be held this afternoon at 4:00 at st. matthew lutheran church in springfield. again, that's delaware county. some of the biggest concerns over ebola are coming from philadelphia's liberian community. members gathered last night in southwest philadelphia for a public forum and a musical performance. the women's chorus for change includes some of the 10,000 liberian refugees who settled here after years of civil war. now their country is fighting
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ebola. one of the performers tells us that they are a resilient people. >> the only people who in the world who went through trauma like us, we will be able to make it, too, because we have each other. >> major funding for the liberian women's chorus for change is provided by the pew center for arts and heritage. a reminder not to miss the ebola summit. it's a panel of medical and political experts on "meet the press." that's coming up next at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. also, remember, when we are not on the air, you can always go to it is your complete resource to the facts about the ebola virus. we've just received new information about a person who was hit by a car at the jersey shore. police tell us that the victim, an 82-year-old man, has died. they say he was crossing shore
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road at surrey avenue in northfield last night when he was struck. the driver did stop. right now no charges have been filed. this morning pennsylvania state police are following a possible lead in their manhunt for eric frein. the alleged cop killer has been on the run now for 37 days. state police say that an armed man with mud on his face was spotted by a woman on friday nate who was walking near pocono mountain high school. they've refocused their search to paradise and pocono townships which are nearby. investigators tell us they've also found what's believed to be blood on the back porches of two homes near cresco. that's about five miles from the school. decriminalizing marijuana. the effort will come to fruition tomorrow in philadelphia when a new city ordinance goes into effect. monique braxton is live at police headquarters with more on how the new rules will be
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enforced. monique? >> reporter: we have spebt the mo spent the morning looking at this law and what other cities are doing to ease punishment. top brass tell us they want to make sure everyone knows marijuana is not legal in philadelphia. they also say it is still a misdemeanor under state law. this law states anyone found with 30 grams of marijuana will face a civil penalty. violators will be fined $25. those using marijuana will be fined $100. police say a suspect will be brought to police headquarters if they don't have proper identification. and here's how suspects will be handled. >> instead of an arrest, they'll be issuing violations and be confiscating the marijuana and processing that, taking it back to headquarters. >> reporter: now, philadelphia is the largest city in the united states to ease these punishments. in washington, d.c., unless someone is carrying more than an ounce, officers can only
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confiscate the drug and issue a $25 ticket. also, police cannot take action if they smell marijuana. as you know, colorado and washington states also allow -- colorado and washington state, that is, allows recreational use. we're going to be monitoring how this law becomes effective after midnight tonight. we'll have any developments for you. that's the latest live at police headquarters. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now to decision 2014. democrat tom wolf will be speaking in montgomery county this evening. the candidate for pennsylvania governor will be at the annual fall dinner for the montgomery county democratic committee. it's being held at the sheraton valley forge hotel in king of prussia. meanwhile, governor tom corbett will address supporters in northeastern pennsylvania today. the republican incoupkucouple incumbent will speak in beach lake. governor corbett will also be
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talking to nbc 10's keith jones who sat down for an interview with him earlier this week. it will air later on this morning at 11:30. remember election day is just 16 days away. you can head on the polls on november 4th to cast your vote for pennsylvania's next governor. right now in philadelphia, walkers are raising money for hiv prevention, education and care services here in our region. nbc 10 was there at the 28th annual aids walk philly started just about an hour ago at the art museum. runners got the early start. they took off from the starting line at 7:30 this morning. last year participants raised more than $300,000. keep up the good work, guys. still ahead human remains found in a rural area of virginia may be those of missing college student hannah graham. how the discovery⌟,ñ has a
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connection to a 2009 case. if i didn't drink, i couldn't sleep. >> it's a tragic mistake that this man says turned his life upside down. why he believes he's responsible for the death of army ranger and former nfl football player pat tillman.
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in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape.
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mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make. here's a live look down the shore at cape may, new jersey. i think about nobody on the beach, right? maybe one person down there. maybe one. it's not a great day to be on the shore. as you can see, it's a rough surf. it's chilly. it's breezy down there. guess what? temperatures will take a dip overnight. and then later on in the week, the rain will return. meteorologist michelle grossman will talk about it in the seven-day forecast. in virginia, police say
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they've found human remains that could be those of missing college student hanna graham. the chief medical examiner will have to confirm if it is graham, but her parents have been notified about the discovery. the 18-year-old university of virginia student has not been seen in over a month. matthew has been charged in connection with graham's abduction. the remains were found in the same region by the way where the body of a 20-year-old virginia tech student was discovered in 2009. today investigators in pittsburgh just outside of pittsburgh will be looking for the cause of a fire that killed six people including four children. keith eggenloff and his new wife hope jordan escaped their burning home in mckeesport yesterday morning, but they both went back inside to try to save jordan's four young children and his paralyzed father. only he came out alive. he suffered burns to over half his body and is in critical condition. investigators say it may take days to trace the source of this
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fire. it has been ten years since nfl football player turned nfl player turned army ranger pat tillman was killed by friendly fire in afghanistan. and now the soldier who thinks that he pulled the trigger and accidentally killed tillman, he's telling his story. steven elliott sat down with nbc's lester holt. elliott says he and his fellow soldier had just come out of an enemy ambush with no knowledge of friendly troops being in the area. he explains both he and his comrade opened fire. after years of suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, elliott decided that now was the time to go public about the pat tillman case. >> you were firing in that same location. >> yeah. >> if someone came out with evidence right now that said lo and behold, the other guy's bullet, would that change thinking? >> no, i still fire there had. i still made that choice. all of us felt a level of responsibility. >> elliott is now working as a
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legal advocate for veterans who have suffered trauma during their time in the military. actor stephen collins may not be tried. there are multiple reports he will not be prosecuted for child molestation charges because of the amount of time that's passed since the alleged crime. audio surfaced last week in which the 67-year-old confessed to three straight incidents including molesting or exposing himself to young girls back in the 1970s and '80s. to keene, new hampshire, take a look. mayhem. police had to fire tear gas at a large group of people who were throwing bottles, overturning dumpsters and a car. there are reports that at least a dozen people have been arrested in all of this. witnesses say this is caused by parties at keene state college. which spun out of control. the parties were being held to celebrate the annual keene pumpkin festival. dozens of people in this crowd suffered minor injuries.
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street battles erupted between pro-democracy protesters and riot police in hong kong early this morning. the demonstrators tried to break through metal barricades at an intersection. police used batons and pepper spray to disperse the crowd. this comes hours after the leader said he'd speak to students earlier this the week. at the vatican, they've taken a step backward. the pontiff wants the church to be more merciful toward nontraditional families, but an assembly meeting of catholic bishops failed to accept a document calling for the inclusion of gay, divorced or living out of wedlock. the decision came at the end of a two-week meeting called by pope francis. now, early this morning the pope beatified pope paul vi. it's the first step towards possible sainthood. the vatican certified a miracle attributed to his intercession
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concerning a california boy doctors said would be born with serious birth defects. his mother prayered to pope paul vi and now the boy is a healthy teen. a second miracle needs to be certified by the vatican for pope paul vi to be cannonized. still ahead, the legal battle over the sale of revel hotel and casino in atlantic city will head back to court. plus, the nation's third largest cell phone carrier is making cuts. why hundreds of sprint workers will soon be out of a job. in case you haven't stepped out yet, we are looking at a cool morning. you need the jacket this morn g morning. it's also windy. winds gusting near 30 in a lot of spots. a live look outside. mostly cloudy. we'll see sunshine. more sunshine as we head throughout the rest of today. temperatures very cold tonight. we'll talk more about that. also rain returning in your seven-day. we'll talk about that, too, coming up.
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jackets needed this morning. temperatures in the 30s in some spots. mainly the 40s and the 50s. also windy. in case you haven't stepped out, you're still indoors, you'll be surprised. it's chilly out there. going to be chilly overnight and cool again tomorrow. chilly winds. you can probably see it whipping. winds gusting near 30 miles per hour, even up to 40 in mt. pocono. throughout the overnight hours, cold overnight. temperatures dropping near the freezing mark in some spots. so we do have some freeze warnings, frost advisories. i'll show you that in a minute. then rain returning for the workweek tuesday, wednesday, also thursday with a chance of rain each and every day. mostlycloudy. we will see more sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon. it's going to take a while to get these clouds out of here. 51. that temperature is hardly moving and it will hardly move as we move throughout the rest of the afternoon. probably topping out around 57. 37 in mt. pocono. lots of blue on the map here.
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48 in pottstown. 50 in whestchester. down at the shore points, temperatures in the low 50s. 51 in wilmington. yeah, a cool start. it's windy. winds gusting near 30 miles per hour. there it is, the flags blowing outside. whatever you have outside, you might want to anchor them down as we head throughout the afternoon. 38-mile-per-hour wind gusts in mt. pocono. you see that northwesterly flow straight from canada. it's that chilly air. you'll feel that throughout the day. future wind gusts, we're going to keep it all day long. it's not until the overnight hours we see those winds calm and the skies clear. that's why we'll see those temperatures bottoming out tonight. future wind gusts later on tonight overnight. finally calming down. a cold night. freeze warning where you see that light blue color through the poconos, lehigh valley. frost advisory everywhere else with the exception of philadelphia. philadelphia county. just cover your outdoor plants, bring them indoors if you can. clouds to start. more sunshine this afternoon. we're going to flip-flop that as
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we head towards monday. lots of sunshine later on this afternoon. a nice day. a cool day. then monday, sunshine to start. clouds start to filter in as we head throughout the afternoon to evening hours. then by tuesday, that's where we'll see the rain come in. the chance of rain tuesday, wednesday and also thursday. today's high, 53 in allentown. 53 in quakertown. 47 in mt. pocono. 56 in trenton. 50s also in norristown down to the south and east. right near 60 in atlantic city. 57 in dover and then back towards the city, we're looking at temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s. so seven-day forecast, yeah, cool wind today. by monday, a cold start. clouds build in throughout the afternoon. 58 degrees. there's that rain tuesday, wednesday and thursday. so pencil that in. you want to bring the umbrella. by friday, sun and clouds. we dry it out. looking perfect for next saturday. 64, lots of sunshine. this morning, the losing bidder of the now-defunct revel casino in that auction in
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atlantic city is appealing the sale. a lawyer for florida developer glen straub filed papers yesterday in u.s. bankruptcy court. straub is trying to stop the $110 million sale of revel to brookfield property partners. he believes that last month's bankruptcy auction was unfair. now to some business news. sprint has cut more than 450 jobs at its headquarters in kansas. just a series of layoffs planned throughout the month. spript has said it's cutting jobs to better compete with at&t and verizon. the company laid off about 475 workers from their headquarters earlier this year, the job cut total to more than 900. many of the employees in that round of cuts worked at a call center that was shut down. for more business news, let's check in with cnbc's tyler mathis mathisen. >> reporter: after last week, a lot of traders would like to see a quiet week ahead on wall street, but that may not happen because of slowing growth in
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china, worldwide ebola crisis will still, of course, be on investors' minds. big week in sports. the new nba season tips off. baseball's world series. the game's on tuesday. on wall street, it will feel like super bowl week for corporate earnings. some of the biggest names reporting this week include get aload of these, apple, ibm, coke, mcdonald's, boying, at&t, general motors, amazon, microsoft, ford, procter & gamble. did i tell you enough? a whole lot more than that. bankruptcy trial resumes this week on the heels of the motor city working out more settlements with creditors and becoming closer than ever to emerging from the biggest municipal bankruptcy in u.s. history. we'll see the launch of apple pay, the iphone maker's new mobile electronic payment system that is looking to turn your smartphone into a virtual wallet. 500 banks have already signed up to handle customer transactions. "forbes" magazine will come out with its list of the 400 richest people in america. i won't be on it. tyler mathisen, but look for all
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a special celebration last night in philadelphia. living beyond breast cancer held its annual butterfly ball in center city at the lowe's holtz. the event raises money for the organization and included a silent auction, dinner and dancing. nbc 10's lou ann khan was honored with the go beyond award for using her personal history history with breast cancer to help others. before we leave you this morning, we want to get one last check of the weather from meteorologist michelle grossman. glad you're with us. >> glad to be here. it's cool. it's windy. it's feeling much like fall today. you can see these winds blowing those flags. that kind of tells a story. if you haven't stepped out, that's what you'll feel. and temperatures in the 50s. some spots in the 40s to 30s. so for today, plan on a cool day. plan on winds gusting near 25
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miles per hour. 55 to 58. that's about ten degrees cooler than where we're supposed to be. seven-day forecast. tomorrow not bad. we start with sunshine. then we have clouds build in. temperatures right around 60 degrees once again. we have rain coming into the forecast tuesday, wednesday and thursday. then next weekend looks perfect. >> that's going to do it for us. i'm rosemary connors. for michelle grossman and everybody here at nbc 10, have a good one. "meet the press" is next. what's possible today?
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this morning on "meet the press." our summit on ebola. >> for the first time in the history of the united states, somebody with ebola walked in the front door. >> as two nurses come down with the disease, is the wider american public in danger, and is the government doing enough to make us safe? we can't give in to hysteria or fea fear. >> we have gathered experts in africa and on the ground to ask questions about how serious this danger really is. and plus, addicted to off e office. >> i feel like running for congress. >> three men aiming to make the unlikeliest of comebacks and two of them from prison. >> you are found